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Accurate velocity measurement for almost anything that shoots, including rifles, pistols, arrows, airguns and shotguns. Easy to set-up and use with a large shooting area. Requires one 9 volt battery for operation. Everything you need is included for outdoor use. For indoor use, we recommend our optional Indoor Lighting System (part# CEI-4100). Made in the USA with a 2 year warranty.

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We have taken all the best features from our ProChrono Digital, added built-in Bluetooth technology, and improved the accuracy. All at a very affordable price.

The ProChrono LTD ballistic chronograph has all the on-board features and accuracy of our DLX model, only without Bluetooth connectivity.

ProChrono Pal
Great accuracy at an economical price! The ProChrono Pal offers the same performance as the ProChrono Digital, but with fewer features.

Todd Jarrett